Mark Lamb

Useful. Usable. Beautiful.

I help design products people want, faster.

From startups to global tech giants, I’ve helped raise the bar for design speed and quality.


Product and platform design for the Uber feed, enabling third party developers to display personalised content during the trip.

Mark is a rockstar. When he's on your team, beautiful design work seems to effortlessly start appearing from him and other designers on the team. From UX to UI, marcomm, animation, interactive prototypes — you name it, they are done beautifully and quickly.

Chris Saad

Former Uber Product Manager


Drove product vision for a collaboration feed and notification system for Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Succinctly put, Mark is the best interaction designer I have ever worked with. His willingness to experiment, create complete functional prototypes, and partner closely with product management to understand user behavior will enable him to positively impact the current and future state of any product.

Brent Chiu-Watson

Director of Product Management at Adobe


Redesigned a two-sided marketplace for micro-influencers and brands. Tribe raised $7.5M in Series A funding.

Before we hired Mark, I read these recommendations and thought “Surely these can’t be true”. Turns out they are. Mark is a unicorn. But what I value most is the excitement he brings to your entire company that makes you all feel world-class.

Jules Lund

Founder at TRIBE

Design Vision

Demonstrate and validate future product vision and design direction.

— Design sprints
— High-fidelity prototyping
— Animated walkthroughs


Reduce churn and increase engagement by ruthlessly optimizing your funnel UX.

— Growth UX audit
— Onboarding & activation
— User research & testing

Advisory & Coaching

Receive ongoing UI/UX design direction and advice without hiring a Head of Design in-house.

— Direction & mentorship
— Process & collaboration
— Design systems

Design Team Training

Supercharge your design team’s skills with in-person or virtual workshops.

— Motion UI prototyping & animation
— Design Sprints
— Design Systems

When we started to build 2 Steps it became apparent that we did not possess the skills in-house to design a modern, clean, and appealing front-end. Mark took our product vision and transformed it into a beautiful prototype and killer 60-second video that we use at live events and new business meetings. Mark doesn't just take a brief and execute it; he challenges it, stretches it, and takes it further than you thought possible.

Simon Trilsbach

Managing Director at 2 Steps

Oh hi, Mark

I'm a product design & strategy consultant who helps teams to evolve existing products and drive new product vision. Previously I was Staff Product Designer at Uber, Experience Design Lead at Adobe, and Creative Director at global Microsoft consultancy Avanade.

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