Design better products, faster.

Mark Lamb is a digital product design consultant, startup advisor, coach, speaker, and instructor. Previously at Google, Uber, and Adobe.

Uber Rider App

Design Lead for the in-trip rider experience. Product & platform strategy, design, and tooling.

Sometimes when I watch Apple product launch videos, I wonder if Mark consulted on them, his style is so svelte. He is able to take abstract concepts and verbal diarrhea and turn it into polished diamonds. Seriously, if I had 1% of the talent he possesses in just his mouse-finger, I could probably quit my job and go work at Pixar and animate a feature length movie in my sleep.

Chris MessinaHashtag inventor, Ex-Google/Uber

Uber Developer Platform

Design Lead for the Uber Developer Platform. Product design for SDKs, design system, and documentation website for the Uber API.

Mark is a rockstar.

When he's on your team, beautiful design work seems to effortlessly start appearing from him and other designers on the team. From UX to UI, marcomm, animation, interactive prototypes, you name it — no challenge is too daunting and every unexpected curveball is met with a smile and a 'no worries — we'll get it done'.

Chris SaadFormer Uber Product Manager

Uber HTML5

Design Lead for the “mapless” web version of Uber, providing a lightweight way to embed the full end-to-end rider experience inside other apps.

As a leader on the Travel Partnerships team, Mark had to both learn the complexities of the industry and build our product and partnership strategy in a short amount of time.

He played a key role in getting partners excited about the new products we were working on, collecting feedback, and designing integrations. This is the first time I've ever worked with a designer in this capacity and it helped the entire team uplevel our game.

Kristin ThayerFormer Uber Head of Travel Partnerships

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Design Lead for Adobe Marketing Cloud core platform. Product & platform design for the feed and notifications system across a suite of nine products.

Succinctly put, Mark is the best designer I have ever worked with.

His willingness to experiment and partner closely with product management to understand user behavior will enable him to positively impact the current and future state of any product.

He embodies modern design and product management philosophies and is driven to help any organization understand the value of working with these philosophies in mind.

He is one of the few people I trust deeply as a mentor to my team members. He makes anyone with whom he works better. He makes any problem on which he focuses tractable.

Brent Chiu-WatsonSenior Director of Product Management at Adobe

Adobe Design System

Design Lead on the founding core team of Adobe Spectrum. Design system architecture, website, and motion design for components used across 100+ web, mobile, and desktop products.

I'm not sure I've had the opportunity to work with anyone as passionate about design as Mark.

His constant pursuit of excellence, the experiences he creates, how he convincingly, empathetically and charismatically advocates for them... are an inspiration to the around him... be it fellow designers, engineers, product managers other stakeholders.

Mark is a true design ambassador... who can back "it all" up with skill, dedication, and execution.

If you want to elevate design at your company... can get over that Aussie accent 😉 and are lucky enough to snatch him up... then Mark is your guy!

Andreas KüferPrincipal Designer at Adobe


Product vision and motion prototyping for subscription video on demand startup focused on emerging markets.

Mark is one of the founding leaders of UX at Avanade, and a key driver behind it's success.

He is a ninja-level designer, and talented facilitator with a rare ability to connect and motivate people to both "get it done, and get it done right".

During the many years I've worked with Mark he has proven to be a trusted mentor, and is one of the few people I seek out for guidance and support.

Matthew OlneyFormer Head of UX, Australia at Avanade


End-to-end product and platform design for marketplace startup connecting influencers and brands.

Before we hired Mark, I read his recommendations and thought “Surely these can’t be true”.

Turns out they are.

Mark is a unicorn. The greatest designer I’ve ever witnessed. But what I value most is the excitement he brings to your entire company that makes you all feel world-class.

Jules LundFounder at TRIBE